Great Southern Tour

Great Southern Tour

A hearty breakfast served on a Fireman’s shovel followed by a leisurely trundle through rolling green hills, swathes of pastureland and quaint little stations on the steam railway is the perfect start to your full day tour.

The 25 mile cycle made easier with motor assist starts in the seaside town of Port Erin nestled in a sandy crescent bay and guarded by the craggy cliffs of Bradda Head. Your tour will head out to Port St Mary a small fishing village and capital of the “Queenie” a small succulent scallop. Our stop at the Fish House cafe will include sampling this Manx delicacy. Your journey into Castletown, the ancient capital of the Island, will hug the shoreline for most of the way. Castletown, as the name suggests, is dominated by the magnificently preserved medieval Castle Rushen; at the centre of the small harbour is the Gluepot a great place to sample some of the fine Manx ale!

From Castletown we will head north to Silverdale and home to traditional ice cream maker Manx Ices. The return to Douglas through the hamlets of St Marks and Braaid is completed by the spectacular clifftop hugging Marine Drive and home. Is this a bike ride or gastronomic phenomenon – you decide!

£75.00 per person

  • Distance Covered – 16 miles (Steam Train) 25 miles (Cycling)
  • Time Allowed – 8 hours
  • Grade – Moderate (Some sharp climbs)
  • Group size – 4 people
What’s Included in the Price:
  • Breakfast at the Tickethall restaurant
  • Steam train south to Port Erin
  • Electric bicycles
  • Tour guide
  • Queenie sampling at the Fish House cafe
Key to Map
  1. Bike Shed
  2. Tickethall and Railway Station
  3. Steam Railway
  4. Port Erin
  5. Fish House, Port St Mary
  6. Castletown and the Gluepot
  7. Silverdale
  8. Marine Drive
Tour Ratings
Sea Views
Sea Views
Before Setting Off
  • Bicycles are checked for your safety
  • Each bicycle is set up for the individual cyclist
  • Helmets, glasses, and hi-vis vests are provided
  • Instructions are given on the operation of the electric bicycle
  • You can test ride the bicycle in safety at the Sea Terminal before venturing out on to the road.
  • Instructions are given by the guide on how the group will be lead.

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