Pulse ticks all the boxes (nearly)

Pulse ticks all the boxes (nearly)
Pulse ticks all the boxes (nearly)

Our new Pulse ticks all the boxes – nearly.

The entry model Pulse ZL2 out performs the Gtech and Aerobike.

The comparison table shows most all categories the Pulse comes out on top. The price includes everything you need to head out on the road. There is no need to purchase lights or mudguards as they are included.

The bigger 320Whr battery means you can cycle further and the 7-speed Shimano gears helps you fly up the hills.

Our review of the Pulse ZL2 highlights the benefits of the bicycle and includes an independent review.

The BIG plus – you have an island-based company to offer the support and service when you need it.

The Pulse is available in the step-through frame as well as the classic or gents version.

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