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What if having a little help, like a gentle push at your back, could open up a whole new world of cycling possibilities?

It could be carrying a week’s shopping on the bike, making a long or too-hilly commute doable, or riding to work every day of the week rather than just when you’re feeling top of your game. Or maybe an electric bike is what it takes to catch the cycling bug.

Off-road e-bikes are introducing younger riders to the benefit of electric-assist whilst opening up trails for older cyclists.

So what are the benefits of an electric bike?

  • Choose the level of power at the time you want it
  • Go further and for longer without worrying whether you’ll make it back
  • Make any short dash to shops easy, quick and convenient
  • Flatten out hills and sail through headwinds
  • Join partners or friends out on rides without being left behind.
  • Electric bicycles are used more often so spend more time outdoors
  • Get more exercise as pedalling is still required
  • Commute to work and arrive fresh, alert and less stressed.
  • Great alternative to commuting by car.
  • Savings in fuel and car parking charges will soon cover the cost of the bicycle
  • An electric bicycle can get you to where you want to go often quicker than a car.
  • Recharging the battery costs pennies – less than 10p charging from empty.

We offer a range of electric bicycles to suit most budgets from a quality affordable £900 road bike to a top end full suspension electric mountain bike at £4000.

We feature two British brands Batribike and EBCO, a well-established Austrian make KTM and an American brand Pedego with a best seller cruiser style bike.

    EBCO Electric Bikes
    EBCO offer a range of quality electric bicycles set at prices which scream value for money. EBCO concentrate on offering good quality, highly reliable electric bicycl...
    KTM Electric Bikes
    KTM are synonymous with motocross and enduro dirt bikes developing their first motor bike in 1951. Following on from this KTM started to manufacture their first range...
    Batribike Electric Bikes
    Batribike are a family company based in Lincoln specialising in electric bicycles at the more affordable end of the market. Affordable – definitely – but do not b...
    Pedego Electric Bikes
    What’s not to love about the Pedego electric bikes and the mainstay iconic Comfort Cruiser and its stylish cousin the City Commuter. The retro cruiser style of the ...

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