Finger on the PULSE for a great value electric bicycle

Finger on the PULSE for a great value electric bicycle
Finger on the PULSE for a great value electric bicycle

Put your finger on the Pulse for a great value electric bicycle

PULSE is a range of affordable electric bikes to retail under the £1,000 price point.

For the canny buyer these bikes come up trumps. ebiketips state the PULSE is the first brand to offer such quality and true riding experience for the price. Unfortunately the price has increased since the article was published in August 2016. However, they still offer great value for the money.

The TranzX electric motor is reliable and quiet and provides for a very comfortable ride. The 320Wh battery capacity delivers a decent range before recharging. Cycling uphill is not a problem and responds to the riders pedalling and gear changes quickly and smoothly. There is nothing complicated on this bike, nothing that will be daunting to the first time electric bike rider.

The bicycles are available in step-through or crossbar (gents) frame options and colour choice of black or electric blue.

In October ebiketips took a Pulse ZL2 for a test ride and concluded its a very well-specced bike for the money.

As spring approaches you will see the re-emergence of the Gtech and Aerobike adverts flooding the national press. You may be thinking of ordering either of the bikes, but before you do try a Pulse ZL2.

It is great to see electric bicycles advertised more and more.

You must do your homework and compare the features and benefits of each bicycle before investing. You may have seen the Gtech bike advertised which has helped those on a budget consider electric bikes. However in tests the Pulse ZL2 has outperformed it which is no surprise.

To help you we have produced a chart comparing all three bikes – PULSE vs Gtech vs Aerobike comparison

Green Wheelers has a demo bike in stock, so give us a call on 07624 398950 to arrange a test ride.

We are based at the Sea Terminal during the summer. During the off season we meet people at the Sea Terminal or we come out to you with the bikes.




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