E-Bike Set Record At Ramsey Sprint

E-Bike Set Record At Ramsey Sprint
E-Bike Set Record At Ramsey Sprint

The record time for an electric bicycle at the Ramsey Sprint was set by Richard Cuthbert on a Pedego Trail Tracker at a time of 19.2secs over the 1/8th mile sprint in June 2014.

The Ramsey Sprint is a drag race event held over 1/8th mile on the promenade by Mooragh Park in Ramsey during the TT Festival in June.

The Sprint is open to anyone to enter once an entry fee has been paid and motorcyclists from all over the world compete to set the fastest time in a straight dash and is watched by thousands who line the track either side.

Competition for the electric bicycle category (if one exists) was nil and to date no other electric bicycle has been entered nevertheless Richard is a proud (but very humble) record-holder.
He knows he can go faster if a challenge was forthcoming – his record time included slowing down to pick up the mobile phone that fell out of his pocket just before the finish line!

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