EBCO UCL 60 Available For Test Ride

EBCO UCL 60 Available For Test Ride
EBCO UCL 60 Available For Test Ride

The EBCO UCL 60 has arrived in the Isle of Man and is now available for a test ride with The Green Wheelers Electric Bike Co.

The EBCO UCL 60 follows on from the award-winning EBCO UCL 30 which was awarded the Sunday Times Ingear Best Buy and also featured on BBC’s One Show with John Sergeant giving it a test run.

The UCL 60 features the new TranzX M25 mid-motor which is smaller than a chain ring and integrates perfectly into the frame making it almost invisible and delivers 50Nm torque with exceptionally low noise.

Integrating the motor into the bottom bracket and connecting directly to the chain ring the acceleration, efficiency and performance ae increased producing a comfortable and efficient riding experience.

The bike also features the Shimano Nexus inter-hub gears doing away with the need for the traditional derailleur. The advantage of this gear system are well known to winter commuters with no more cleaning out mud and grime from the derailleur; additionally the ability to change up and down the gears when stopped so you will never have to worry about being in the right gear.

Included as standard are front and rear lights, mudguards and rear rack encasing the 400Wh battery.

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